Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic  of Uzbekistan

 Founded on the 21st of September, 2004

 CСIRU – non-governmental, non-profitable  organization, uniting all subjects of entrepreneurship  working on the territory of Republic of Uzbekistan




Main tasks and directions of activity of the CCI of the Republic of Uzbekistan

  • creating favorable business environment;
  • protection of rights and interests of entrepreneurs;
  • export promotion;
  • foreign investments promotion and introduction of new technologies;
  • business matching;
  • marketing and overview of international market;
  • cooperation with foreign Chambers and partners.

Main targets of international policy:

  • searching partners for joint cooperation to develop country and regional economy;
  •  best experience’s exchange (to avoid producing a “bicycle”);
  •  searching for financial and technical assistance for SME;
  •  building the bridge for business to business cooperation;
  • exploring the new markets.

Membership in the CCI of the Republic of Uzbekistan 

Membership in the CCI is voluntary.

Entrepreneurs of all types of ownership (private or public), including large industrial enterprises, trade and service companies, small and medium-sized enterprises, insurance companies, micro-firms, commercial banks and other financial institutions, and also individual entrepreneurs can be the members of CCI of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

At the present, there are over 23 thousand member-companies of the CCI of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Membership in the CCI of the Republic of Uzbekistan 

Large companies, banks, joint ventures, state joint stock companies are among the members of the CCI of Uzbekistan.

The largest ones are as follows:

- National Bank for Foreign Economic Activity of the Republic of Uzbekistan;

- ASAKA State Joint Stock Commercial Bank;

- Deutsche Kabel AG Joint Venture (cable production);

- UZBEKINVEST Joint Venture (export & import insurance);

- SUMITOMO Corporation (international trade);

- UZNEFTEGASTRANS Joint Venture (oil and gas transportation);

- and many others.




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