28.01.2019 632

State border.

Through the state border, the followings are held first: 

  • serious illnesses, pregnant women and persons with disabilities, children under the age of seven, accompanying persons and their traveling vehicles;
  • Transportation  vehicles which transport commuters regularly internationally;
  • live animals, perishable goods, radioactive materials, and information for media purposes and other materials;
  • The goods, which are necessary to overcome the consequences of natural disasters, accidents, and which are to be delivered as humanitarian aid, and other similar goods, and the means of transportations that deliver those goods;
  • Goods sent to embassies and consular offices of Uzbekistan in foreign countries. 
  • Goods sent to supreme legislative, executive and judicial authorities of Uzbekistan.

In some cases, persons, vehicles and goods may be conveyed first in agreement between the head of the customs authority and upon the decision of the head of the border control division.