28.01.2019 806

A new Presidential Decree on the establishment of the Free Economic Zone "Andijan-Farm" has been adopted.

With decree, Andijan-Farm Free Economic Zone has been established in Andijan District.

The main objective of Andijan-Farm FEZ is to attract investments and advanced technologies of Indian companies to produce pharmaceutical products and medicines.

Andijan-Farm EIZ will be in operation for 30 years, during which the special tax and customs procedures are valid.

According to the followings the participants of this zone will be freed:

  • land tax, income tax, property tax for legal entities, single tax for micro firms and small businesses;
  • customs payments of imported building materials;
  • customs payments for imported equipment, raw materials, materials and component parts.

The presentation on Andijan-Farm FEZ will be held in Indian Republic and other foreign countries, in 2019.