29.03.2019 710

Decree of the President “On measures to improve the system of public administration in the field of protected natural territories” was adopted.

In accordance with the decree, the Chatkal biosphere, Zaamin, Surkhan, Nurata and Kyzylkum state reserves, as well as the management of state reserves, national natural parks and hunting farms under the State Committee on Forestry are transferred to the system of the State Committee on Ecology and environmental protection.

In 2019–2022, 5 protected natural areas will be created on the territory of the Republic of Karakalpakstan:

- State Reserve "South Ustyurt";

- State ordered reserves “Beltov”, “Okpetki” and “Akdarya-Kazakdarya”;

- State ordered reserve "System of lakes Sudochye" on the basis of the state registered reserve "Sudochie".

Also, in the structure of the central office of the State Committee on Ecology and Environmental Protection, the Main Directorate for Biodiversity and Protected Natural Areas is being created.

The decree approved the Roadmap for the development of a system of protected natural areas in 2019-2022.