29.03.2019 804

Decree of the Government (No. 244 of March 25, 2019) “On regulation on the procedure for attracting and using labor in the Republic of Uzbekistan” was approved.

In accordance with the Decree, employers may attract foreign labor to Uzbekistan on the basis of an annual permit.

Foreign citizens carry out their labor activities on the territory of Uzbekistan upon confirmation.

To obtain permission and confirmation, the employer appeals to state service centers by order basis or registers on the Unified portal of interactive state services or on-line platform for obtaining permission to attract foreign labor.

To obtain permission, an application is filled online, a copy of the employer's passport is attached to the application and certified by an electronic digital signature.

For consideration of the application, a fee in the amount of one minimum wage (202,730 soums) is charged.

In case of a prior appeal, the State Services Center for one hour sends an application to the Agency for External Labor Migration.

The Agency, within 5 working days, makes a decision on issuing a permit and notifies the employer accordingly.

The employer to obtain a permit within 5 working days makes payment of the fee in the amount of 50 minimum wages (10 million 130 thousand 500 soums).

The agency, within one working day after payment of the fee, issues a permit and sends it to the employer.

In the application for confirmation, all data on the foreign citizen is attached.

The application is sent within one hour is sent to the Agency and the territorial body for labor.

The territorial labor authority within five working days gives an opinion on the expediency or inexpediency of attracting foreign citizens.

The Agency, within fifteen working days, makes a decision on issuing or refusing to issue a confirmation.

The employer, within 5 working days to receive confirmation, will pay the fee in the following amounts:
- for compatriots, highly qualified and qualified specialists, teachers and specialists attracted to work in Presidential schools and higher educational institutions - in the amount of two minimum wages (405 thousand 460 soums);
- for other foreign citizens - in the amount of thirty minimum wages (6 million 81 thousand soums).