29.08.2019 387

President resolution on the introduction of energy-saving technologies, the development of renewable energy sources was approved.

:white_check_mark: According to the Resolution:
:point_right: in private households, solar photovoltaic stations (on average 2 kW) and solar water heaters (on average 200 liters) will be installed;
:point_right: non-standard gas burner devices will be replaced with modern and energy-efficient gas burner devices.

:white_check_mark: From January 1, 2020, individuals will be provided with compensation in the amount of 30% of the cost of purchasing solar photovoltaic stations, solar water heaters, as well as energy-efficient gas burner devices, but not more than:
:point_right: 3 million soums - for solar photovoltaic stations;
:point_right: 1.5 million soums - for solar water heaters;
:point_right: 200 thousand soums - for gas burner devices.

According to the Resolution, from September 1, 2019, it is forbidden to import into the republic territory of used generating equipment, power step-down transformers, electric motors, as well as energy-consuming equipment of the energy efficiency category.

The full version of the document available on the www.lex.uz website.