05.05.2016 7653

The IX Territorial Fair of Innovative Ideas, Technologies and Projects at the Commercial Exhibition Complex in Tashkent

The IX territorial fair of Innovative Ideas, Technologies and Projects took place at the Commercial Exhibition Complex Kurgazma Savdo Markazi in Tashkent.

At the fair were presented various projects by scientific institutions and universities of the capital and Tashkent region, research institutes of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan. In particular, the great interest of the participants was expressed in development aimed at reducing level of soil salinity and increasing crop productivity, energy-saving devices for the mining and metallurgical industry, new products based on local raw materials.

Participants presented nearly 400 innovative technologies and developments in the field of industry, agriculture, health and pharmaceuticals, information technology and science. Experts and scientists were able to exchange experiences and establish direct contacts with the producers.

A scientific seminar and a "round table" with the participation of young scientists, researchers, magisters and talented students held in the framework of the fair. The best equipments and technologies, scientific research and ideas that are recommended for implementation in various sectors of the economy were selected. 


Shahnoza Mamaturopova, UzA