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Organizers of the contest “Covid-19 Challenge 2020” are ready to announce the winners!

We remind that “Covid-19 Challenge 2020” is an online competition of innovative tools and solutions to mitigate the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, where innovators from all over Uzbekistan had the opportunity to cooperate and create innovations, combining knowledge, technologies, entrepreneurial skills to help those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic people.

The purpose of this competition was to try to create an online platform where innovators can invent, experiment and create technologies and digital solutions to help deal with this crisis.

The contest was organized by UNDP in Uzbekistan, IT Park, the Youth Academy under the Ministry of Innovative Development, Youth Union of Uzbekistan and Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Uzbekistan in partnership with “Yoshlar Kelajagimiz” Foundation and Center for Support for the Development of Youth Entrepreneurship of Uzbekistan under the Youth Union of Uzbekistan, Ministry of Employment and Labour Relations, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Higher, Secondary and Special Education, Digital Trust Fund, World Bank and OSCE Project Coordinator office in Uzbekistan.

Directions on which the competition took place:







7.      LEISURE

8.      OTHERS


The winners of the competition were 5 projects, and these are projects called:

“Карта жизни”

The main idea of the portal “Карта жизни” is that those in need of help and volunteers will be able to see each other’s location and accordingly make efforts to help the nearest at a distance. A publicly accessible electronic card with up-to-date information will help coordinate assistance to those in need.


The Birdamlik project was designed to collect applications from people in need. For this purpose, a telegram-bot and a web page have been created, where the needy and volunteers can undergo free registration. At the same time, registration will be carried out to verify the identity of the person in need at the address specified by him/her and to clarify the data from the neighborhood in which the applicant resides. This data is sent to the database, from where coordinators can distribute applications to volunteers.

“Human House” online school

The aim is to hold lectures on architecture, archaeology, traditions, ethnography, applied art of Uzbekistan, thus to introduce participants to various crafts and train them to make at home independently. Such a strategy provides a huge opportunity to scale national craft.

“Smart Mask”

“Smart mask” is a mask that from the beginning of the user’s use studies symptoms of his illness such as temperature, coughing, breathing difficulties and the amount of oxygen in the blood. The obtained data are compared with symptoms of Covid-19 and other infectious diseases using a special algorithm and put approximate diagnostics.

“Cambridgeonline.uz” platform

The cambridgeonline.uz platform is a B2B product, as much as possible adapted to educational institutions and synchronized with offline learning (i.e. allows to smoothly move from offline to online modes as necessary). The platform allows educational institutions, educational institutions and tutors to conduct without experience in technologies lessons online in tas-ix and provides broad functionality for training process control.

It is worth noting that projects called “Life Map” and “Birdamlik” plan further joint cooperation and implementation of projects that are closely interconnected and dependent on each other.

As a result, the winners of Covid-19 Challenge 2020 will receive finance for the implementation of their projects, support from the organizers of the contest, as well as technical support from mentors to assist in the full implementation of the projects.

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