01.07.2016 1903

Fruits and vegetables for export

In February-April this year, the Kogon-yogh agroeksport LLC in Bukhoro Region exported 427 thousand dollars worth of fruits, vegetables and other agricultural produce. 

Mung beans account for the main part of the Kogon-yogh agroeksport enterprise’s order. The enterprise concluded agreements with nearly 400 farms and peasants’ holdings on this. Its partners are sowing mung beans in 3,000 hectares of land feed up from cereals. They are being given advance payments amounting to 40 per cent of the sums specified in the agreements. 

There is a refrigerated storage facility with a capacity of 500 tonnes functioning at the enterprise. At the moment, work is under way on drawing up agreements with agricultural producers on the storage of fruits, grapes and potatoes there. 

Today more than 30 enterprises in the region are engaged in exporting fruits, vegetables and other produce. 

In the past period of this year, they exported 3.5 million dollars worth of products. This is twice the figure for the same period of last year.